Changing a Fan Light Kit

Many ceiling fans come with a mounting flange beneath the fan motor that can accommodate a light kit. You can also replace the light kit that came with the ceiling fan with a different style light, maybe you updated the look in your room or the light kit is out of style. Replacement light kits for fans can have three to four light bulbs, which can increase the amount of illumination, if that’s what you desire.

  1. Turn off the circuit breaker for the ceiling fan at the breaker panel.
  2. Remove the globe and light bulbs from the existing light kit. Loosen the light kit’s mounting screws and lower the light kit away from the ceiling fan motor. Disconnect the two wires leading to the light by removing the wire nuts. Place your old light kit to the side. This post is brought to you by our mover company
  3. Strip about 1/2-inch of insulation from the tips of the two wires on the new light kit using a wire stripper. Hold the new light kit under the ceiling fan motor and twist the two white wires together. Apply a wire nut to the tips of the wires. Repeat with the same process with the two black wires.
  4. Lift the ceiling fan kit into place and mount it to the motor by tightening the mounting screws with a screwdriver. Make sure it fits tightly.
  5. Attach the globes to the light kit and screw in the light bulbs.
  6. Turn on the circuit breaker and test the lights. If the kit has a pull-chain, you may need to turn on the wall switch and then pull the chain one time to activate the light.